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One of the key tenets of Cellar Door is to be a marketplace driven by the community. I strongly believe that consumers should have the freedom to make their own choices and neither retailers nor sellers should dictate this choice or restrict access.

I see this happen time and again especially in the wine buying process. Buyers, be it for supermarkets or independent retailers, choose wines based on their taste profile and what they believe is good for the consumer. How often does anyone ask the consumer what he or she likes?

At Cellar Door we would like to change that. We are asking our customers what they like and we are contacting and getting wineries signed up based on what our customers want and like!

So the next few producers I will be covering on the “Meet the Producer” series are ones who have been strongly recommended by Cellar Door consumers that have signed up for the customer trial and are enthusiastic “brand ambassadors” for these wines.

I have been hearing from quite a few customers who have signed up for the trial and I’d really like to hear from more of you.

As I said before, I want Cellar Door to be truly driven by the community – tell us which wine maker has impressed you and we will contact them and make them part of the Cellar Door community! Drop us an email or leave us a comment.

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