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  • Cellar Door's Wine Tasting

    Join us to meet Judith and Jiri, two very special winemakers and drink some of their unique premium artisan wines.

    Judith is rated as the top woman winemaker from Austria. She doesn't always take the easiest route to achieve her goal, which is to produce authentic wines that carry her distinctive signature and provide a conquest for discerning wine lovers.

    Jiri is one of the top winemaker's from Czech Republic. His aim is simple - he wants to preserve as much of the unique terroir of Dolni Kounice as possible in every bottle of his wine and to produce wines with aging potential.

    You will get the chance to taste 9 different wines, 4 wines each from Judith portfolio and 5 wines from Jiri's portfolio. This is chance to taste some very good premium wines as each winemaker takes you through their wines and you can hear from them directly on what makes these wines so special.

    So, grab your tickets now https://cellardoorus.eventbrite.co.uk The cost includes tasting these 9 high quality premium wines, snacks, plus a selection of charcuterie and cheese.

    Please email us at info [at] cellardoor.us if you have any further questions.

    The wines for the tasting will be:

    Judith Beck's i) Blaufrankish, ii) St Laurent iii) Pannobile Red (One of the top red's from Austria) iv) Pannobile White (one of the top white's from Austria)

    Jiri's i) Ex opere operato ii) Vox in excelso iii) Ex monte Lapis iv) Vox Silentium v) Rose & Cross

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