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  • Cellar Door's Wine Tasting

    Join us to meet Judith and Jiri, two very special winemakers and drink some of their unique premium artisan wines.

    Judith is rated as the top woman winemaker from Austria. She doesn't always take the easiest route to achieve her goal, which is to produce authentic wines that carry her distinctive signature and provide a conquest for discerning wine lovers.

    Jiri is one of the top winemaker's from Czech Republic. His aim is simple - he wants to preserve as much of the unique terroir of Dolni Kounice as possible in every bottle of his wine and to produce wines with aging potential.

    You will get the chance to taste 9 different wines, 4 wines each from Judith portfolio and 5 wines from Jiri's portfolio. This is chance to taste some very good premium wines as each winemaker takes you through their wines and you can hear from them directly on what makes these wines so special.

    So, grab your tickets now https://cellardoorus.eventbrite.co.uk The cost includes tasting these 9 high quality premium wines, snacks, plus a selection of charcuterie and cheese.

    Please email us at info [at] cellardoor.us if you have any further questions.

    The wines for the tasting will be:

    Judith Beck's i) Blaufrankish, ii) St Laurent iii) Pannobile Red (One of the top red's from Austria) iv) Pannobile White (one of the top white's from Austria)

    Jiri's i) Ex opere operato ii) Vox in excelso iii) Ex monte Lapis iv) Vox Silentium v) Rose & Cross

  • Meet The Producer: La Gramière

    The headline summarises it beautifully: "A small two-person winery in the Southern Rhone, farming organically, vinifying naturally, living the good life in Southern France". The two-persons are Amy Lillard and Matt Kling, the wife and husband team.

    Amy Lilliard & Matt KlingAmy describes their work at La Gramiere in these words: "Created in 2005 with just over five hectares of vineyards, we make hand-picked, artisanal wines in the Southern Rhône Valley of France. Vineyards have been farmed organically since day 1 (The organic certification took effect with the harvest of 2011). From planting the vines, to pruning to harvest, everything is done by hand. We have no employees, just a lot of great friends who lend a us hand when necessary. Our wines are made naturally with very little manipulation (no oak, no micro-oxygenation, no additives), just grapes (very good ones), a little SO2 and a lot of work. It is this is truly a labor of love! We feel our wines are the true expression of not only our terroir, but also ourselves, they are honest and true, and reflect what we both love in the wines of this beautiful region."

    As I have repeatedly said in my earlier posts, I believe that in addition to the terroir, the wines are an expression of and an extension of the wine producer's personality. That is why the wines that Amy and Matt make are firstly a reflection of them i.e. La Gramiere and then of the region and vintage!

    Amy and Matt are the new breed of winemakers who have followed their passion of drinking good wine into making their own wine. What is really amazing is that these wines are VdT (Vin de Table) as both Amy and Matt did not want to be bound by the French rules and regulations. Their wines are delightful yet rustic and deserve a whole new category definition!

    Their three cuvee's are:

    La Gramiere VdTLa Gramiere (The Green Label): This is their flagship bottling and is a blend of 80% Grenache, 20% Syrah. It is a deep ruby red and proffers up aromas of plums, raspberries, blackberries, provencal spices, tobacco, pepper and a trace of mocha. It is full and juicy in the mouth with terrific depth and balance followed by a most pleasant, lingering aftertaste.  Specifically the 2009 vintage has the tannic structure that will enable it to age for another 5-10 years. Only 9,000 bottles were produced in the 2009 vintage.

    La Gramiere Peter Vineyard Syrah

    2009 Peter's Vineyard Syrah (The Red Label): A blend of 90% Syrah and 10% Grenache. It is deep and rich with ripe red fruit and spice. It will go wonderfully with any lamb dish, roast beef and game. 2009 was a hot, ripe vintage with great tannic structure and the wine needs 3-5 more years in bottle before it will be truly ready to drink. Only 1000 bottles were produced in the 2009 vintage.

    La Gramiere 100% Grenache 20102010 Grenache (The Grey Label): This was a special bottling based on the 2010 vintage of 100% Grenache from the oldest vines. It has been aged for 24 months in unlined concrete tanks. This is a big wine with lots of tannic structure and ripe fruit. There were only 5000 bottles produced in the 2010 vintage.


    It's just not we at Cellar Door who are raving about their wines, La Gramiere were picked up by Jon Rimmerman of Garagiste who wrote the following "In this wine, I find peace...which is saying nothing and everything at once. In the same vein as my selection of Chambers St as the top retailer of 2011, you never feel as though La Gramière has an agenda – there is no motivation to sell anything and no motivation to win you over by promoting, marketing or wishing for something that could (and should) come naturally to those that choose to amble through an evening or two with a kindred spirit that eventually becomes a confidant. In wine, that confidant is La Gramière."

    Amy Lillard & Le Camion

    For those interested in knowing more about Amy and Matt I would recommend you click through to their video on the Kickstarter website. The background - a few years ago they wanted to extend the boundaries of their vineyards and create a mobile tasting room. They bought an old vintage Citroën that served as a horse trailer and converted it to a mobile tasting room/wine bar.

    We hope you like these wines as much as we have!

  • Meet The Producer: Bodegas F. Schatz

    Sylvia and her husband Amit discovered the wines of Friedrich Schatz when they were travelling through Andalucia. Their recommendation was again unequivocally enthusiastic. Sylvia wanted these hard to find Spanish wines from her home country to be represented on Cellar Door!

    I reached out to Friedrich. He loved the concept of Cellar Door and is now signed up.

    Friedrich’s estate is in Ronda, within the province of Malaga, Andalucia. He comes from a German family which is quite clear from the vines that he began cultivating: Very traditional German grape varieties such as Lemberger and Muskattrollinger.

    He  grows other grape varieties like Pinot Noir (it is one of the southern most Pinot Noir grown in Europe), Chardonnay, Petit Verdot. All of these grapes are used to produce his single varietal wines. However, his blend of Tempranillo, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon known as “Finca Sanguijuela” is a rising star and is considered to be one of the finest wines to come out of Spain!

    Friedrich follows biodynamic production methods and believes in bringing the “old” and “new” methods into his winemaking. This is why you will find his biodynamic wines being aged in new oak!

    The total production from his exclusive/boutique estate is just over a 1000 cases. His  Chardonnay’s is already sold out and so is the Rose made from Muskattrollinger.

    I am confident that once his other wines are listed on Cellar Door they too will be sold out.

    Friedrich doesn’t have a fully functional website as yet (he lets his wine do all the talking) but has a holding page.

  • Meet The Producer: Dyer Vineyards

    The key driver of Cellar Door has been about providing a platform for customer to access unique wines across the world.

    I believe that in addition to the terroir, the wines are an expression of and an extension of the wine producer personality.

    The many decisions a producer makes in the growing (viticulture) and winemaking (vinification) process can diminish or enhance the expression of the terroir in the wine.

    This is one of the reasons I want to run the “meet the producer” sections in the blog (and on our site when we go live), so that you as consumers can learn more about them and their personalities.

    As part of a ‘meet the producer’ series I want to introduce our first producer on Cellar Door!  There is a special reason behind starting with Dawnine and Bill Dyer.

    The concept for Cellar Door was trigged in 2006 when I visited Napa with my brother.

    Our first appointment on the first morning of that weeklong trip was at Dyer Vineyards. And people who have done these trips with me know that wine tasting appointments start as early as 9AM!!

    Dyer Vineyards is truly a boutique winery and produce no more than 500 cases a year, in fact my brother and I tasted the wines in the living room of the Dyer residence. A “mud” home that the Dyer’s built keeping in line with their approach to sustainable living.


    They adopt this same approach of viticulture in their vineyard, as it forms a part of the “front yard” of their home. I could see that philosophy coming through in their wines. These were some of the most superb wines I had tasted, not the “over-oaked Napa’s”, they were the classically styled Napa wines. This was the style of wines that had launched Napa in the world wine map. In a blindtasting you would easily call them out as classed growth left bank Bordeaux. Remember Judgment of Paris? You can always enjoy a nice bottle of wine watching Bottle Shock, a movie based on Judgment of Paris but I digress!!

    The Dyer wines really set the benchmark for that trip. We bought a few bottles and I had to get them shipped to my brother’s house in Virginia. I have since managed to bring the bottles to the UK over several trips. In fact, I still have a bottle left in my cellar for a special occasion.

    I can go on to wax eloquent about their wines but you will get a chance to decide for yourself when Cellar Door opens for trading. Order a case or a bottle and we would love to hear your feedback on these wines!!

    Both Dawnine and Bill have been career winemakers for more than 20+ years and only started Dyer wines in the 1990’s when they planted their vineyard in the Diamond Mountain District (between St Helena and Calistoga).

    Currently their wines are made using three classic Bordeaux varieties: 78% Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% Cabernet Franc, and 6% Petit Verdot. They used to have a certain proportion of Merlot and Malbec but have realized that on their vineyard Cabernet Franc produces a better complement for their Cabernet Sauvignon.

    You can read a bit more about their wines on their website.

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